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Welcome to Our School.

We pride ourselves on being a compassion infused school and an innovative school who put children at the heart of what we do.  Our home page is a chance for us to show some our latest whole school or group experiences , please explore our website to find out more about what we do.


The way in which our curriculum is planned, the organisation of each day and the methods that our teachers use are all in response to our knowledge of how young children learn best. We keep up to date with research and, when appropriate, we put this into place in what and how we teach.We ensure that our curriculum makes our children “Smile”

Starts with the child, what they know, are interested in and what they want to find out

Motivates each and every child

Includes and interests all children

Love of learning developed in all children

Engages and enthuses all children

We have developed an active approach to learning and teaching which enables us to respond to the needs of our children as they move from Nursery to Reception and then on to Year 1 and 2. 

We offer equal opportunities for all of our pupils whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, ability or background.  We believe that every child has unique characteristics, abilities and learning needs.  We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind against our pupils, parents or staff.  We are a compassion infused school

We value our place at the heart of the community of Torpoint .

This month we welcomed the community into the school for our 'Country Dance and Summer Fair Afternoon', our 'Forces Family Picnic'

We attended the Torpoint Civic Parade and Service.

We supported the Palstic Free Torpoint Initiative at The Torpoint Field Day with a display showcasing what the children have found out about plastic pollution. 

Country Dance

Country Dance afternoon is always one of the highlights of our year as a school. With every child involved and so many parents and members of the Torpoint community on site it is a celebration of our inclusive ethos and our place at the heart of the community. 

Thank you to everyone who attended and everyone who helped make the afternoon so special once again.

Elisabeth Carney-Haworth OBE   Head Teacher

Thank You!

Country Dance afternoon is about fun not the money.. however we are grateful for the donations you made. We raised a total of £1985.94. This will be used to enhance the learning of all children.

Torpoint Civic Parade and Service

Sunday 14th July saw one of the most important community events in our town,  the Mayor’s Civic service.This always starts with a wonderful parade from the Council Chambers including local Mayors and other dignitaries, our Town Councillors and representatives of many of our local organisations. The British Legion parade with their standards and members of our Forces Friends Group carry our own MKC Heroes Standard.

Once again we had been asked by our Mayor to sing during the service and our Year 2 pupils did not let us down.They attended in excellent numbers and sang beautifully and much to the enjoyment of the assembled congregation. This year their performance was enhanced by drumming and the mouth pianos.

This year the service also including the presentation of a bouquet of flowers  to Mrs Carney- Haworth O.B.E ., our  Head Teacher who now has reached the milestone of 40 continuous years working in education. 

These events will form important memories for our children and enable them to see how important and valued they are by the community of Torpoint. Thank you to all the parents who took the time to bring their children to this event. 

Forces Family Picnic

We have had a very busy year with our Forces Friends children working with them to support their needs, increase their resilience and  build their special identity as a community of children within our school. 

We have also had a very special year with our Forces Families who have supported us at community events and attended the three events we invite them to across the year.