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Website Updates 8th July

  • Our class pages now contain new videos of all the staff who work in each class.
  • We now have 40 stories on our story time pages read by members of the staff from across the school - which one is your family favourite?
  • Please sign up for the National Book Tokens prize draw to win £5000 of book tokens for the school and £100 for your family... find out more in the tab at the top of the page.

If at any time you are unable to find a resource you have previously used and the site search engine doesn't help, please do not hesitate to contact us via


Online Office


  • The online office contains all the forms and infomation that you can usually collect from Mrs Booth and Mrs Girling in the office.
    • includes a link and infomation about our online uniform shop. We have been advised that the uniform orders should be placed by 3rd August to ensure delivery by the start of term in September.
    • Carbeile Junior School will be selling school uniform on Mondays and Thursdays. Details are on our moving to Year Three page
    • We are moving to emailling letters to parents.  If you have not recently received an email from the school please can you help us ensure that the email details we have for you are up to date by contacting the office  via  


September 2020 

The information from the Government about what will happen in schools from September 2020 was published on 2nd July . We will be adding the information you we need to our website as soon as we have planned how it will apply to our school. 
What we can already tell you is that we are expecting all children to be able to return to school and this return will be in the classes , and with the teachers, we have told you about rather than in smaller bubbles.
Our website is the main source of information about new classes for both parents and children. 
Each year group  and each class has their own  page which  can be accessed through the menu or the links below.  These pages now contain videos of all the satff who work in each class
On the class pages and through the weekly planning teachers have been setting challenges to help the children get ready for their new class.
Ideas that your child can do ....independently, or with your help, have included 
  • 'All About Me'  poster 
  • A letter to your new teacher
  • A picture of your new classroom animal
  • Find out something about your class animal
  • A personal timeline showing what they have enjoyed in their previous class or setting and what they are looking forward to in their new one.
Other ideas are
  • A picture of your child reading, or looking at a book ... they might reading their favourite book or in their favourite place... or an unusual one. With your permission these photographs will be used in our school reading area, or the individual 
  • A mini project on your child's class animal, this could be art, or science based and may be recorded any way...even just a photograph of your child watching a video about them.
  • Name art
  • For those children who are new to our school please can we ask that all parents do one of these activities that includes a photograph, or simply send a photograph of their child , as this will enable the teachers, who will have normally met your child at a stay and play session, greet your child by name on their first day.
Anything you do with your child should be sent to the email , they will then be sent to each class teacher rather than being published on the website.
Site Page Link Icon Moving from Reception to Year One
Site Page Link Icon Moving from Year One to Year Two
Site Page Link Icon Moving from Year Two to Year Three
Site Page Link Icon Joining Reception
Site Page Link Icon Joining Nursery

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Wider Reopening of School  Information for Parents

Since 1st June we have welcomed more children back to school. Information for each year group that has been able to return to school can be found in the 'Children Currently Attending School' menu

We have been unable to welcome back those children in Year Two who are not the children of Key Workers , or identified as vulnerable under government criteria, but all Year Two children have been invited to attend transition days in the last week of term. Information about this has been sent to parents and  can also be found in the 'Year Two Transition Days' menu

Last updated 6th July

We follow Government and NHS guidance. It is updated daily and we advise you to always check this advice