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Happy Easter from the Bunnies (our Nursery Class).

Hedgehogs' Class Assembly

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Otters' Class Assembly

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Latest Newsletter

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Curriculum Update Letters

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Statutory Special Education Needs (SEN) seminar for families

Statutory special educational needs (SEN) includes:

·         education, health and care (EHC) needs assessments,

·         EHC plans,

·         arranging education placements for children and young people with EHC plans, and ongoing review of EHC plans.

A seminar for families about any aspect of Statutory SEN is being held online, 10-12 on Friday 23 April, and will be available afterwards as a recording. Questions and topics can be sent in advance to PCC (Parent Carers Cornwall) by Monday 19 April. To submit questions and join the live event please contact

This week is Autism Awareness Week, and Friday (2nd April) is World Autism Day.

This week is designed to raise peoples’ awareness of Autism to help create a society that works for all people including those with Autism.

As part of the week, the National Autistic Society have listed 5 things they want everyone to understand about Autism that Autistic people and families say are most important to them:

1. Feelings of anxiety about changes or unexpected events

2. Being under or oversensitive to sound, smells, light, taste and touch

3. Needing time to process information, like questions or instructions

4. Facing high levels of anxiety in social situations

5. Having difficulties communicating with and interacting with others


Since 2007 World Autism Day, an official UN Day, has been held on 2nd April to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of people who have Autism. You can find out more by visiting

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